ZIP have developed some fasteners threaded hardware items which are use full for Hydraulics, Pneumatics, pumps and valve units components are, BSP, BSPT, NPT, NPTF, M. M size Hex Socket type straight and Tapper plugs, Sq head and Hex head type Sq head plugs, Hex socket type Allen plugs / Closser plugs. Hex hd flanged / collar plugs. Hex thin head plain plugs. Copper packing washers Nylon and PVC washers. Long size 4 mm 5 mm 6 mm 8 mm 10 mm dia. x 40 mm to 280 mm long Allen Bolt, HTS Nuts, lock nuts, Hex head bolt, Screws, Stud, Full thread spindle, Eye Bolt, T-Bolt, T Nut, Machine washers. Star washer, Dowel Pin, Tapper Pin Grooved Pin, Circlip etc. items. Pressure plugs, Fine pitch, Hex head Sc - Bolt, Sc. with internal threaded tapping.

It can be supply as per IS, BS, JIS, ISO, ASTM, GOST or DIN Standard. If non standard then as per drawing sample.

M. M. Size std coarse and fine pitch, BSW, BSF, UNC, -UNF BA, BSP, BSPT, NPT, NPTF and No size 4No to 12 No NC-NF threads, Tapper thread plugs.
Above Hardware items used at Chemical, Fertilizer, paper Machinery Plant, Textile, Sugar Machinery Plant, Machine Tools, Hydraulic Pneumatics, pumps, Valves, Efsctrical 8~ Electronics Instruments, Typewriter Washing Machine, Refrigerator plant and other Service Industries.

M. S. 4.6, HTS, EN-8, 6.6, -8.8, EN-19-10.9, En-24, -12.9, Brass SS 304 - 316 A-193 B7, A-194 2H, R-S-T-V grade, possible to supply with "SURSULF" liquid Nitriding and Nitrocarburising Process.

Above hardware items used at Pumps, Valves, Hydraulics, Pneumatic, Machine Tools, Automobiles Tractors, Trailers, Trolley etc. other Service Industries.

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