ZIP have developed for Textile Machinery purpose Fasteners threaded components. Hex head Bolt, Full Thread Set Sc, Sq head Bolt, Sq head Set, Sc Hex head and Sq head wood Sc type Coach Bolt, Round head and Sq Neck carriage bolt, Eye Bolt, Allen Bolt, CSK & Thin hd Allen Sc, Button head Allen Sc small head Allen Sc, Slotted or Hex socket type Grub Sc Flat, Cone, Half, Full. Extra long and Tapper Dog point Oval point. Phillips Star punch Sc, Plain punched washers Machine washers, Tapper washers Star washers, circlip spring washers, Plain Nut, Lock Nut, Nylon Nut, Weld Nut, Dome Nut, Flanged Round Nut, Wing Nut, Wing Sc, Phillips Star punch and Slotted type Machine Screws Stud Weld Stud Stepped and Full threads Spindle. Dowel Pin, Tapper Pin, Grooved Pin Socket Pin, Spiral Pin, Spring Dowel Pin - Spindle Nut, Circlip, Oil seals, Brass copper stainless steel packing washers, MS, Brass, Copper, SS-Sp ring and non Standard plain punched washers.

It can be supply as per IS, BS, JIS, ISO Ruti and DIN Standard. If any non standard then as per drawing or sample.

M. M. Size, std Coarse & fine pitch, BSW, BSF, BSP, UNC, UNF, BSC, BA, No size 4 to 12 No American threads.

M. S. 4.6 EN-8 6.6, 8.8, EN-19 10.9, EN-24 12.9, Brass SS 304 - 316, 410 Brass Copper.

Above hardware items used at Textile Machinery, Machine Tools, Light and Heavy Eng. Ind., Cement, Chemical, Sugar, Fertilizer, Paper Machinery Plants, Automobile, Tractor, Plastic Injection Moulding Machine, etc. other Industries.

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